WhyEnglish with Ease

English with Ease is a service that provides coaching to Teachers and Learners of English as a Foreign language. We offer a range of services including English for Special Purpose, Business English, Academic English, Professional Development Courses for Schools and Teachers and more.

We distinguish ourselves by the high level of service and support we provide to our clients, our deep knowledge of teaching methods and curricula, and most importantly, the high calibre of our tutors.

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Meet The Professionals

Highly skilled professionals with experience in Teaching English as a Foreign, Second and Other Language.

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Anthony James Fornaro

MA Linguistics, TESOL graduate, CELTA, Foundation TEFL and Helen Doron Early English
7+ years experience of in-school and online Tutoring and English Language Teaching

“I have taught learners from Europe, Asia, South America and Middle East. My youngest student was 3 and the oldest 66. I have an in-depth knowledge of teaching strategies, have delivered numerous CPDs on different aspects of English learning and teaching and also worked in public and private schools. I am also familiar with public schools teaching practices adopted in other countries, including Italy, Spain and France. My interest is in Language Acquisition and my previous and current research focus on Psycholinguistics and Language Learning.”


Brandon Lee Woodcock

MA TESOL, TESOL graduate, and CELTA
6+ years experience of teaching English as a Foreign Language and ESOL

“I have taught in various countries, including Japan and Poland, helping students from all around the world. I have an extensive understanding of classroom practices and language awareness, as well as a robust understanding of applied linguistics. My experience includes working in public schools, colleges, refugee support, and more. My current interests lie in contemporary classroom practice and the development of pedagogy which works for the students and the teachers in equal measure."